Financial Aid

Financial aid can help you fund your educational expenses, but it is a limited resource. You’ll want to consider your needs and wants carefully while you are enrolled. If you are receiving your semester living expenses in the form of a refund or a stipend, plan your spending and anticipate your expenses.

Undergraduate Students
Take the time to learn about your financial aid award and how your aid award will interact with your bursar bill. Here are a few questions that can assist you as you review your aid award.

  • Are there charges that you anticipate having that either won’t be covered by financial aid, or aren’t included in the Cost of Attendance? How will you pay for these expenses?
  • When will you need to pay the Parent Contribution and Student Contribution? Will these full amounts be paid to the bursar bill, or will some amount be used for out-of-pocket or off-campus expenses?
  • How will your family finance any portion of the family contribution that they aren’t able to pay out of pocket?

Students can request loan for additional expenses, but remember that student loans will need to be repaid once enrollment ceases.

Graduate Students
Graduate students may receive fellowships, assistantships, grants, or student loans. Remember that student loans will need to be repaid once enrollment ceases.

There are many particulars around assistantships and fellowships that graduate students should be aware of. Please visit the Graduate School site to learn more, and ask questions about anything that is unclear.

Professional Students
Professional degree programs at Cornell provide limited financial assistance. The terms of the awards may vary according to the program. For more information, contact your individual program.

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