Living Off-Campus

Most students will live off-campus at some point in the course of their studies at Cornell.  The financial aspect of living off-campus is significant, and will provide you a new financial learning experience. You will have at least one additional bill to pay (your rent), and you may need to pay rent on a schedule that is different from the bursar schedule. Some landlords will charge monthly, while others charge quarterly or biannually. You may also need to pay utilities, trash fees, internet, or other bills.

Managing your finances while living off-campus will require that you plan a few months into the future. The Off-Campus Living Office provides information and services, including a budget worksheet.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate your finances while living off-campus.

  • If you receive undergraduate financial aid, you’ll want to understand how your bursar bill will change and how your family contribution and financial aid will help you to pay for off-campus housing.
  • Be sure that your rent is paid on time. Paying late may result in late charges, and can jeopardize your housing.
  • If you have others helping you with any of your payments, be sure that you are sending relevant information to them about bills/charges.
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