Saving at Cornell

You may find yourself in a position to save money while you are a student. If you would like to be in a position to save, but don’t have money left over after paying for  your essential educational expenses, you’ll want to revisit your budget plan and possibly talk with financial aid staff to help you revise your plan. Whether your savings is $50 or $2,000, you should congratulate yourself that you are able to set aside money.

We have created a Financial Planner form to help you plan for your expenses. If you regularly have money left, check out our section on saving money.

Ithaca Fun
There is a wealth of entertainment in Ithaca that won’t break your budget. Take advantage of living in our vibrant community! Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Avoid the Common Pitfall$

  • Make a budget plan. Revise it if you find that it’s not accurate.
  • Anticipate future expenses.
    Will you need to purchase a ticket to travel for Winter Break?
    Will your January rent be due before you receive your spring funding?
    Are you excited to take a class that involves travel?
  • Make a habit of healthy spending!
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